MT610 Auto Hands-free Stand

Automatic Hands-free Scanning

MT610 Auto Hands-free Stand allows user to quickly transform Marson handheld scanner into hands-free scanner to achieve automatic hands-free scanning. The MT610 is fully adjustable in all directions so that user can position the scanner for individual comfort and optimal performance. The weighted metal base also ensures stabilization during the scanning operation.

barcode scanner stand

Flexible Barcode Scanning Operation

The fully adjustable gooseneck allows MT610 to be tilted in all direction at the largest degrees depending on user's preference. With MT610, users can easily transform the barcode scanning operation of handheld scanner between automatic hands-free scanning and manual trigger.
Available Models: MT3000L, MT8200H, MT8300, MT8600V.


Physical Characteristics
Dimension W148 x L154.5 x H250 mm (assembled)
Weight 515g
Color Black
Material Metal & Plastic
Scanner Model MT3000L, MT8200H, MT8300, MT8600V
Environmental WEEE, RoHS 2.0
* All Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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