Marson - New Varietal Mobile Scanners Simplify The IoT of Living

Asia IoT Business Platform 2017

Established in 1990, Marson Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Taiwan and specializes in designing and manufacturing barcodes scanners. Marson has been a leading company in the Auto-ID and data collection industry with consistent R&D investment and quality improvement. High quality and innovative products have brought Marson many well-known business partners around the world.

The rapid growth of Internet of Things is driving demand for mobile data capture solutions enabled by barcode and RFID technology. Marson MT500L wireless ring barcode scanner, MT1195A micro USB barcode scanner and MR10A7 mobile NFC reader are indispensible gadgets for mobile operators, and have been designed to fulfill the needs of IoT applications in various sectors including logistics, healthcare, retail and transportation.

The MT500L wireless ring barcode scanner, with the size of L46 x W29 x H27 mm and weighing only 20.5 gram, is the smallest and lightest wireless ring barcode scanner on the market. With its light body and touch-activated scan button, the MT500L is comfortable to wear and operate for long periods of time, and provides the user freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks quickly and dexterously, while keeping both hands free.

The MT1195A micro USB barcode scanner combines the finest craft design with Android® Mobile POS system enabling users to efficiently collect data. The pioneering design employs multiple optical sensor modules and integrates all parts into a remarkably small compartment. Designed with the two-way communication of USB HID interface and high-quality infrared auto-sensing technology, the barcode scanning can be done automatically.

The MR10A7 mobile NFC reader delivers high-speed scanning and error-free decoding of high frequency tags and cards, and is fully compliant with ISO-14443A, ISO-14443B, ISO-15693 and NFC standards. With built-in Bluetooth® technology, MR10A7 can send data to the host up to 10 meters away. This ergonomic pocket-sized wireless NFC reader is a high performance companion for access control system or transportation payment.