Marson Releases MT3000L Long Range SBR Laser Scanner

handheld barcode scanner

Durable Long Range Barcode Scanner

Marson has released the MT3000L long range handheld barcode scanner which increases productivity in any environments. Built with auto-adaptive high-speed scanning and outstanding decode algorithm, the MT3000L barcode scanner is capable of performing long-range barcode scanning from 500mm away, 3mil high-density barcode capture, as well as mobile barcodes scanning.

The MT3000L is a long range handheld barcode scanner with SBR (Screen Barcode Readable) technology which combines the benefits of both linear imaging and Laser scanner. Similar to traditional Laser scanners, the MT3000L emits a sharp Laser beam that helps users to aim at barcode easily from longer distance; however, the MT3000L barcode scanner is able to read on-screen barcodes, and it is built with no moving parts which greatly extends the scanner’s product lifetime.