What is SBR (Screen Barcode Readable) Laser Scanner?

In the past there were only two types of barcode scanner: Laser and CCD barcode scanner. The laser barcode scanner has always been treated as more high class than the CCD barcode scanner, due to its elegant laser scan line which makes it easier to aim barcodes, enhancing reading accuracy for the user.  However, the laser barcode scanner has some serious problems:
1. Laser beam is harmful to human eyes.
2. Laser can’t read on-screen barcodes.
3. Laser is fragile due to its moving parts.
In light of the above limitations presented by traditional laser barcode scanners, Marson has created a new SBR (Screen Barcode Readable) laser scanner based on patented technology. Thanks to class 1 laser and configurable brightness, the SBR laser scanner still emits a thin laser beam to enable users with accurate aiming of a barcode, it looks just like a laser scanner but it is not harmful to human eyes. Furthermore, unlike traditional laser barcode scanner, the SBR laser scanner is capable of reading on screen barcodes of smart phone and tablet, and since it has no moving parts, it is more durable than the traditional laser barcode scanner.