MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader

MR10A7 features the smallest pocket mobile NFC reader and one perfect accessory for mobile RFID application. MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader is designed to lead the new trends of NFC and smartphone-based applications such as Access Control, Electronic Ticket, Membership Management, Asset Tracking, Equipment Inspection, NFC transaction and a variety of RFID applications.
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NFC RFID reader

Outstanding Performance

MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader delivers high-speed scanning and error-free decoding of HF or NFC tags and cards, and is fully compliant with ISO-14443A/B and ISO-15693 standards. MR10A7 Mobile NFC reader can make the most applications that RFID technology can provide.

Long Battery Life

MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader is powered by 1000mAh battery which can deliver more than 10,000 scans per full battery charge. MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader offers ample battery power for the longest shift and ensures data collection is completed.

mobile nfc reader

Versatile Operation

With Bluetooth technology, MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader provides real-time reporting of the member attendance data or asset tracking status which reduces workload but improve situational awareness effectively. The built-in memory also enables MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader to perform off-line operation, such as security patrol, that only requires one data upload at the end of the day. Direct USB transmission is another additional feature when fixed-mount reader needed to read NFC badges of employees or guests in the access control application.

Vibration Indicator

MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader is integrated with a vibrator that is programmable by the PC-based RFID Utility. Therefore the scanner has full variety of good read indication including audible, visual and vibrating method, enabling versatile indication to user in operations among both indoor and outdoor applications, especially in noisy environment where good read indication can only be sent to user by vibration from the scanner on hand.

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Quick Pairing via MT600 Wireless Dongle

When operating with MT600 wireless dongle, as many as 7 units of MR10A7 mobile NFC reader can transfer data to a shared host device at the same time. It offers multi-device connectivity to your mobile scanning tasks even when the existing host device does not have built-in Bluetooth adapter.

User Friendly

MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader is designed with only 2 buttons, one for scanning purpose and the other for on-screen keyboard toggle which let users easily switch jobs between scanning tag and entering data on virtual keyboard. The PC-based RFID Utility configuration software also enables easy configuration through a user-friendly interface.

Great Compatibility

Empowered by the headline feature of Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) of Bluetooth version 2.1, pairing two Bluetooth devices can be as simple as turning them on and setting them next to each other. The user can simply connect MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader with its host device with just one touch on the screen. The nowadays popular micro USB cable also saves user the administrative cost.
NFC RFID reader

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design

Designed to have the industrial-class ruggedized protection, MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader never compromises on comfort. It is built with the user in mind, with features that make it easy for workers to hold and use all day long. MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader, which is balanced, ergonomic and lightweight, is easy to securely hold without fatiguing, with buttons that are sized and placed for easy single-handed operation for applications such as access control and membership management.

Industrial Protection

With IP55 protection and 1.5M drop resistance, MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader is built to work in the toughest environments. User gets reliable operation, even if the device is dropped on concrete or used in rain, snow, summer heat, extreme winter cold, and dusty environment.

RFID & Performance
ISO 15693
ISO 14443
2 MB
Read Mode
Single read
Reading Distance
ISO 14443: 0~25mm
ISO 15693: 0~50mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W42.5×L102×H21.5 mm
Weight 70g
Color White
Material PC
Cable 1.5M (Micro USB Cable)
Trigger Scan Button
iOS Hotkey
Indicator Buzzer, LED, Vibrator
Operation Voltage 3.7 VDC
Working Current < 250mA
Standby Current < 75mA
Idle Current < 1mA
Surge Current < 700mA
Battery 3.7 V, 1000mAh, Li-Polymer Battery
Number of Scan
(per full charge)
> 10,000 scans
(1 scan/ 5 secs, Bluetooth connected)
Radio Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Class2)
Range 10m (line of sight)
Interface/ Profile BT (SPP)
User Environment
Operating Temperature  -10~55˚C
Storage Temperature  -20~65˚C
Humidity  0%~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.5M
Sealing IP55
EMC FCC - Part15B (Class B), Part15C
CE - EN55022/24, EN300328 V1.8.1, EN301489-1-17, EN300330-1/2
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV Air discharge
Safety RoHS 2.0, WEEE, IEC 60950-1

* All Specifications are subject to change without notice.
MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader

Smart Living through NFC

RFID tag proves to be essential for a variety of automated applications including data acquisition and object identification. It works contactlessly and requires no line of sight with high noise immunity to environmental influences.


When operating with MT600 wireless dongle, as many as 7 units of MR10A7 mobile NFC reader can transfer data to a shared host device at the same time. It offers multi-device connectivity to your mobile scanning tasks even when the existing host device does not have built-in Bluetooth adapter.
By delivering high-speed scanning and error-free decoding of any NFC or High Frequency RFID tags and cards, MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader can automate and error-proof many of enterprise’s time-consuming and labor intensive tasks.

Case Study : Computex 2015 Adopts Smart Access Control Systems  

wireless RFID reader

Access Control

By reading the RFID badges on each person, MR10A7 mobile NFC reader transmits data immediately to the server, showing attendance record of the workers or students, bringing up patient’s clinical information on the tablet PC without a key stroke, ensuring that the right medication is given to the right patient at the right time.
Applications: Enterprise, School, Hospital
bluetooth nfc reader

Ticketing & Membership

The unique encrypted ID number inside the RFID-enabled smartphone or loyalty card, once read by MR10A7 Mobile NFC reader, will link to the server database to show each member’s total points earned and their purchase history, record customer’s spending habits, and provide gateway to authenticate consumers that are registered for the service.
Applications: Supermarket, Cinema, Amusement Park, Public Transport
wireless nfc reader

Asset Management

Security Patrol: Using MR10A7 HF RFID reader, the patrolling or inspection personnel reads the RFID tags installed along the patrol routes or assets and accurately record all the actions of the inspection procedures for each type of equipment, tracking each inspection’s exact location and time.
Applications: Security Patrol, Equipment Inspection, Returnable Items Management

MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader has won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2015, the highest honor in Taiwan for innovative and original products which fulfill the idea of "Innovation Value" in all aspects.

Below are the standards and types of RFID tags currently supported by MR10A7 Mobile NFC Reader

 Standard  Tag
 ISO14443A  Mifare 1 S-70
 Mifare 1 S-50
 Mifare Ultralight
 Mifare DesFire (MF3)
 ISO14443B  SRIX512
 ISO15693  I-Code SLI (SL1 ICS30 01)
 Ti2048 (Tag HF-I)
 Ti256 (Tag)
 my-d SRF55V02P
 Advant ATC1024-MV110
 Others (NFC)  Topaz
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  • MR10A7 Quick Guide
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  • MR10A7 User's Manaul
     Ver 1.5 (for F/W:1.14)
  • SM3 VCP Driver
     For MT7x0/MT1x95/MT1x97(M)/MR1xA7