MT7937B Wireless CCD Scanner

MT7937B is a CCD wireless handheld barcode scanner with the versatility and ease of use that fulfills the demand of almost all applications. With just one device, user can enjoy both the freedom of wireless Bluetooth connectivity and the plug-and-play convenience that USB HID interface offers.
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Extended Battery Life for Dependable Use

The rechargeable 1620mAh Li-ion polymer battery enables the largest number of scans per charge – up to 25,000 scans, which easily provides the power needed in the most scan-intensive application for over a week. This effectively reduces the downtime caused by battery running low, and maximizes the productivity and efficiency that today’s businesses are pursuing.

Achieve Versatility in both Wireless and Tethered Operations

MT7937B is a versatile CCD barcode scanner that provides both the freedom of wireless Bluetooth connectivity and the plug-and-play convenience of USB HID interface. Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, MT7937B wireless handheld barcode scanner is capable of transmitting barcode data across a range of 100 meters (33 feet) to the host. What’s more, the micro USB port on the bottom can also transform MT7937B portable barcode reader into a tethered barcode scanner when wireless communication is not supported by the host.
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Outstanding Scanning Performance

With excellent 1D barcode capture and decoding capability, MT7937B inventory barcode scanner is the best tool in virtually all barcode scanning applications. It can capture barcode from over 30cm away, and can also read barcode as wide as 20cm. The wireless barcode scanner is built-in with a reliable decoder, whose mis-decode rate is negligible at less than 0.01%, preventing errors that can result in financial loss in asset or inventory management applications.

Great Compatibility with all Android and Apple Devices

Due to the fact that many employees already have tablets and smartphones, the great compatibility of MT7937B wireless barcode scanner handheld with Android and Apple devices leads to rapid acceptance and training costs reduction, especially at a time when adoption of tablets and smartphones in the enterprise has become more and more popular. As a result of fully optimized SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) feature, it takes only one tap on the host device to successfully connect the MT7937B barcode reader; no driver or any pin-code setup is needed.
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On-Screen Barcode Readability

According to a recent research, the total mobile coupon redemption value will reach $6 billion in 2014 — nearly double the $3.4 billion in 2010. As a result, the market for mobile barcodes is flourishing as customers come to embrace mobile barcode technology. MT7937B handheld wireless barcode scanner is designed to have the capability to read them, regardless of whether the LCD screen surface is reflective or matte. Mobile point of sale, access control and coupon discount application can be fully accomplished with MT7937B’s on-screen barcode Readability.
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Simplified Design for Efficiency and Affordability

The fact that MT7937B wireless scanner is simply charged by a micro USB cable connected to the port at its bottom, and that the data transmission is directly from scanner to the host without any receiver dongle or charging cradle in between make it a multi-functional scanner at an affordable price. However, the freedom of movement during operation, the aggressive scanning performance and the ease of use of USB HID interface are never compromised as a result of the simplified design.

Supports Ez Utility® Configuration by the Host

Unlike traditional barcode scanner, MT7937B POS barcode scanner can be easily configured by a user-friendly software application, Ez Utility®, from the host instead of the tedious setup process of scanning paper-based barcodes in user’s manual. The ease of use due to the friendly interface Ez Utility® provides contributes to great reduction of the time spent in learning and training how to configure the barcode scanner.

Optical & Performance
Light Source
635nm visible red LED
2048 pixels CCD Sensor
Scan Rate
200 scans/ sec
4mil/ 0.1mm
Scan Angle
Print Contrast
Width of Field
196mm (13Mil Code39)
4 Mil Code39: 70 ~ 80mm
5 Mil Code39: 65 ~ 110mm
10 Mil Code39: 20 ~ 255mm
15 Mil Code39: 10 ~ 320mm
13 Mil UPC/ EAN: 20~270mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W71×L166×H84 mm
Weight 165g±10g
Color White
Material ABS
Cable 1.5M(Micro USB cable)
Trigger Scan Trigger
Indicator Buzzer, LED
Operation Voltage 3.7 VDC
Working Current < 240mA
Standby Current < 55mA
Battery 3.7V, 1620mAh, Li-Polymer Battery
Number of Scan
(per full charge)
> 25,000 scans
(1 scan/5sec, Bluetooth connected)
Radio Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Class1)
Range 300 ft./ 100m
(line of sight)
Interface/ Profile USB (HID)
User Environment
Operating Temperature  0~50˚C
Storage Temperature  -10~60˚C
Humidity  0%~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.2M
Sealing IP42
Ambient Light 10,000 Lux (Fluorescent Light)
1D Symbologies UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 32, Code 128, Standard Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, China Postal Code, MSI Plessy Code, UK Plessy Code, EAN/UCC 128, Telepen Code, IATA Code, GS1 Databar
EMC FCC - Part15B (Class B)
CE - EN55022/24 EN300328 V1.9.1 EN301489-17
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV Air discharge
Safety WEEE, RoHS 2.0, IEC 62471 (Exempt Group), IEC 60950-1

* All Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Capable of transmitting data from 100 meters (33 feet) away over wireless Bluetooth and also delivering data directly to the host via micro USB cable, MT7937B handheld barcode scanner is a versatile barcode scanner that suits both wireless and tethered barcode scanning operations. Built in with a reliable decoder and special optics, the portable barcode scanner can capture distant barcode from over 30cm away and extended barcode as wide as 20cm.

Due to its rechargeable battery of 1620mAh, MT7937B cordless barcode scanner supports an astonishing 25,000 total scans per full charge. That is, over one week of heavy duty barcode scanning without recharge. This feature fully enhances the uptime required in today’s working environment and saves users the trouble of frequent recharges during operation.

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MT7937B POS barcode scanner is capable of reading on-screen barcodes on mobile displays, which have become more and more popular in the market with the rapid acceptance of smartphone and tablet in coupon and ticketing applications.

The SSP-enabled Bluetooth technology and the great compatibility the wireless barcode scanner possesses also make MT7937B portable barcode scanner effortless for the user to connect the scanner with all Android and Apple devices over Bluetooth. 

The compatibility with Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows smartphones and tablets in both Bluetooth wireless and USB tethered operations is the reason that leads to MT7937B handheld wireless barcode scanner is rapid and wide acceptance.
patent  Patent & Certification
M 273044
IEC62471 Photo-biological Safety
ZL 200520017724.3
US 7,637,431 B2
ZL 202005011291.7
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