MT30 Long Range Scan Engine

MT30 long range scan engine delivers the user outstanding scanning performance from a minimal form factor. With the ability to scan barcodes as far away as 520mm and up to 200mm in width, as well as capability to read onscreen barcodes and high density barcodes down to 3 mil, the MT30 scan engine is ideal for scanner integration in both portable and fixed devices where space is constrained, including PDAs, data collector, smart phone, lottery kiosks, access control, identity management and more.
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Maximum Performance at Any Distance

Built with a high-speed microprocessor, MT30 long range barcode scan engine is able to deliver outstanding scanning performance at 400 scans per second in a lightweight, small form factor. Thanks to its optic design, MT30 long range barcode scan engine’s maximum resolution is down to 3Mil (0.075mm) which means it can easily read literally all high density barcodes in many applications including light industry and medical equipment. On the other hand, MT30 shows great performance on scanning ordinary barcodes, whose reading distance can be up to 520mm away, as well as barcodes as wide as 200mm. This feature gives MT30 the advantage to improve efficiency in warehouse and inventory management.

Mobile-Friendly Scanning

MT30 long range barcode scan engine is based on the latest decode algorithm and optimized optic design, enabling it to scan virtually all 1D barcodes on any surface, either paper-based label or mobile phone display. With MT30 long range scan engine integrated into your device, you may expand your business into many new applications such as eCoupon, eTicket, Digital ID cards and mobile payments.


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Outstanding Reliability

With no moving parts or Laser components, MT30 long range barcode scan engine is built to match the most demanding scanning requirements, delivering outstanding scanning performance over a large temperature range from -10°C to 60°C. It also complies with the toughest standards for exposure to 2000G shock and 10G vibration.

Ultra Low Power

With ultra-low current down to less than 300uA, MT30 long range barcode scan engine preserves host battery when the scan engine is not in use. The 3.3V low power operation is ideal for mobile applications where battery capacity is limited. As a result, MT30’s low power feature can help your products conserve battery power for full extended use.
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Ambient Light Tolerance

From total darkness to 60,000 lux under sunlight, MT30 long range scan engine delivers consistent scanning performance in nearly any lighting condition - indoor and outdoor. This creates an extraordinary extended working range for barcode scanning tasks which provides great flexibility for your product design and a full variety of applications.

Bi-directional Serial Link

MT30 long range barcode scan engine offers a full set of commands enabling the host device to configure all the functions of the scan engine including software trigger and auto-off timeout, thereby fulfilling your dynamic configurations demand. To help you grasp and understand the bi-directional serial operation more quickly, we also provide the Windows-based BEO® configuration utility which is designed as a user-friendly platform where testing with the scan engine can be done in a much easier way.

Development Kit

MB100 Demo Kit (P/N: 11A0-9801A20) provides the software and hardware tools required for testing the MT30 long range barcode scan engine applications before integrating it into the host device. The kit contains software utility, interface cables and MB100 Multi I/O board (P/N: 2006-1007X00) which, due to its small size, is also suitable for being installed inside the host system, as an interface board connecting MT30 to the host device.
Optical & Performance
Light Source
625nm visible red LED
Linear image sensor
Scan Rate
400 Scans/Sec
3mil/ 0.075mm
Scan Angle
Print Contrast
Width of Field
200mm (13Mil Code 39)
3 Mil Code39: 60 ~ 90mm
4 Mil Code39: 60 ~ 120mm
5 Mil Code39: 50 ~ 160mm
10 Mil Code39: 35 ~ 340mm
15 Mil Code39: 50 ~ 520mm
13 Mil UPC/ EAN: 35 ~ 400mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W20×L22.5×H11.2 mm
Weight 3.3g
Color Black
Material PC
Cable 12pin (pitch = 0.5mm) flex cable
Operation Voltage 3.3 VDC ± 5%
Working Current < 150mA
Standby Current < 70mA
Power Down Current < 300uA
Interface UART (TTL-level RS232)
USB (HID Keyboard)
User Environment
Operating Temperature  -10~60˚C
Storage Temperature  -20~60˚C
Humidity  0%~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.5M
Ambient Light 60,000 Lux (Sunlight)
1D Symbologies UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 32, Code 128, Standard Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, China Postal Code, MSI Plessy Code, UK Plessy Code, EAN/UCC 128, Telepen Code, IATA Code, GS1 Databar
EMC FCC - Part15B (Class B)
CE - EN55022/24/32
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV air discharge
(it requires housing that is designed for ESD protection and stray from electric fields.)
Safety IEC 62471 (Exempt Group)
Environmental WEEE, RoHS 2.0

* All Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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MT30 long range barcode scan engine enables you to integrate the best barcode scanning solution into most space-constrained portable and fixed devices.

The MT30 barcode scan engine can fulfill your barcode scanning applications with an outstanding performance beyond expectation. With its compact size of W20 x L22.5 x H11.2 mm, MT30 scan engine ensures its maximum scanning performance is delivered from a minimum form factor, which gives you significant advantage in designing your systems where space can be constrained. Running at a speed of 400 scans per second with auto-adaptive mechanism that automatically adjusts based on barcode quality and environmental conditions, the MT30 scan engine provides versatile scanning capability offering a maximum reading distance of up to 520mm, which is the best in its class, and a widened field of view capable of capturing barcodes 200mm in width. With the ability to read barcodes down to 3Mil, the MT30 scan engine is also optimized for applications using high-density barcodes commonly found in manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and telecom.


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MT30 long range barcode scan engine delivers consistent reading performance throughout various environmental conditions. With ambient light tolerance, MT30 helps you complete your scanning tasks from total darkness to direct sunlight. It can also read barcode from either LCD or mobile phone screen, helping to fulfill the demands of nowadays popular applications such as mobile payment and e-Ticket.

By offering various communication interfaces (USB HID / VCP / UART) and the capabitlity to conduct dynamic bi-directional configuration, MT30 long range barcode scan engine provides full flexibility in your system design. The scan engine is also field-upgradable, which serves as a provision for future performance upgrade and extends your product lifecycle.

MT30 barcode scan engine is designed with outstanding reliability that withstands the harshest environmental impact including drop resistance up to 1.5M, mechanical shock up to 2000G, sinusoidal vibration of 10G and an extended operating temperature range of -10°C to 60°C.

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  • MT30 Integration Guide
     Ver 1.2
  • Ez Utility 5.03
     Scanner Configuration Utility V5.03
  • BEO 3.01
     Engine Configuration Utility V3.01
  • Serial Commands Manual
     Ver 1.3
  • MB100 Multi I/O Board Guide
     Configuration Guide Rev04
  • SM3 VCP Driver
     For MT7x0/MT1x95/MT1x97(M)/MR1xA7