MT780/MT780HD Scan Engine

MT780/MT780HD mini barcode scan engine empowers your mobile devices with outstanding 1D barcode capture capability. At only 2g in weight and 7.5 mm in height, the MT780 barcode scan engine offers you the best-in-class scanning performance suited for a wide range of OEM applications. MT780 comes in two versions, the standard 4mil-readable MT780 and the High-Density 3mil-readable MT780HD.
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barcode scan module

Scan mobile barcodes on LCD displays and smartphone/tablet

MT780 mini barcode scan engine, though small and lightweight, scans all 1D barcodes from near to far over 300 mm away. At 620 scans per second, it is built with the latest decode algorithm that not only increases the reading distance by nearly 20% but ensures that all barcodes, on either printed paper down to 4 Mil or LCD glass screen down to 6 Mill, can be read easily in everyday working environment, hence providing the flexibility and productivity for a wide variety of uses.

High performance and Small Volume of around 2 Cubic Centimeters

The size of MT780 mini barcode scan engine is only W23.7 x L12.2 x H7.5 mm and makes integration of barcode scan ability more flexible for most of the products with limited space. Screws holes are also available on both sides top and bottom, which means MT780 can be mounted upside down for better cable connection or space consideration in some specific cases, thus providing unparalleled flexibility for product design.
barcode scan module

Reads High-Density Barcodes Down to 3Mil

MT780HD, the high-density version, is also available for order. It is optimized for applications using high-density barcodes which can be commonly found in electronics manufacturing, telecom, aerospace and automotive. This makes the MT780HD mini barcode scan engine the ideal choice for users who require a reliable, versatile, and economical solution to meet their high-density scanning needs.

Operates in All Lighting Conditions

MT780 mini barcode scan engine automatically adjusts its parameters for optimized scanning performance, which, as a result, provides the freedom to scan barcodes from under complete darkness (0 lux) to direct sunlight (100,000 lux). With its scan rate configurable between auto-adaptive mode and fixed mode, MT780 mini barcode scan engine is ideal for both high-speed barcode scanning applications and smart devices which require more motion tolerance and ambient light immunity.

3.3V Low Voltage Operation

MT780 mini barcode scan engine is designed specifically for low-voltage (3.3V) operation. MT780 also supports Sleep Mode that reduces its standby current to less than 100uA when the scan engine is not in use, and takes no more than 2mS to wake up when activated. As a consequence, MT780 provides easy electrical integration into the overall system and conserves more battery life for full extended use in all mobile applications.
barcode module

Rugged Design of 1.5M Drop Resistance

Being compact and rugged, the mechanical design of MT780 mini barcode scan engine guarantees drop resistance of 1.5 meters to the concrete and non-stop operation in a wide temperature range. What’s more, MT780 mini barcode scan engine has a longer life than any Laser scanner in the market because of the fact that it is designed without any moving parts and Laser diode. Fully conforming to the latest Photo-biological Safety Standard IEC 62471, the illumination LEDs adopted by MT780 mini barcode scan engine also provides a safer aiming beam that makes it a better choice in medical devices.

Software Triggering and Configurations

Supporting all configurations via software communication, MT780 mini barcode scan engine increases design flexibility by offering non-hardware triggering and wake-up method, which is especially helpful when the host system can only offer very limited hardware resource. A software utility BEO® is also available for free to help you test the MT780 directly on your PC. The result is quick and easy integration that bring your system to fulfill high-value applications at lower cost.

barcode scan engine

Development Kit

To assist you with the testing of MT780 mini barcode scan engine before integration into the host system, we provide MB100 Demo Kit which contains detailed instruction, software utility, interface cables and an MB100 Multi I/O board. MB100 Multi I/O board is an interface board that, thanks to its small size and low profile, can be directly installed into host system and saves you development time and cost.
Optical & Performance
Light Source
625nm visible red LED
Linear image sensor
Scan Rate
620 Scans/Sec (Smart Detection)
4mil/ 0.1mm
3mil/ 0.075mm
Scan Angle
Print Contrast
Width of Field
200mm (13Mil Code 39)

4 Mil Code39: 70 ~ 120mm
5 Mil Code39: 60 ~ 150mm
10 Mil Code39:45 ~ 250mm
15 Mil Code39: 50 ~ 340mm
13 Mil UPC/ EAN: 35 ~ 300mm
3 Mil Code39: 65 ~ 95mm
4 Mil Code39: 55 ~ 115mm
5 Mil Code39: 50 ~ 135mm
10 Mil Code39: 30 ~ 205mm
15 Mil Code39: 35 ~ 265mm
13 Mil UPC/ EAN: 35 ~ 225mm
Physical Characteristics
Dimension W23.7×L12.2×H7.5 mm
Weight 2g
Color Black
Material PC
Cable 10pin (pitch = 0.5mm) ZIF
Operation Voltage 3.3 VDC ± 5%
Working Current < 170mA
Standby Current < 60mA
Idle Current < 100uA
Surge Current < 500mA
Interface UART (TTL-level RS232)
USB (HID Keyboard)
User Environment
Operating Temperature  -10~50˚C
Storage Temperature  -20~60˚C
Humidity  0%~95%RH (Non-condensing)
Drop Durability 1.5M
Ambient Light 100,000 Lux (Sunlight)
1D Symbologies UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 32, Code 128, Standard Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, China Postal Code, MSI Plessy Code, UK Plessy Code, EAN/UCC 128, Telepen Code, IATA Code, GS1 Databar
EMC FCC - Part15B (Class B)
CE - EN55022/24
ESD Functional after 4KV contact, 8KV air discharge
(it requires housing that is designed for ESD protection and stray from electric fields.)
Safety IEC 62471 (Exempt Group)
Environmental WEEE, RoHS 2.0

* All Specifications are subject to change without notice.
barcode scan engine

High-performance Mini Scan Engine is perfectly suited for a wide range of mobile applications

MT780 mini barcode scan engine is a 1D barcode scan engine designed to have more extended reading distance (over 300mm) and the capability to read wider barcodes (200mm 13Mil Code39). MT780HD, the high-density version, is optimized for superior reading performance on 3 mil linear barcodes, plus the versatility to read other common linear symbologies. However, being high performance does not make MT780 compromise on its small dimension. At only W23.7 x L12.2 x H7.5 mm, MT780 barcode scan engine does not require much space and provides product design flexibility for mobile applications.

The adaptive scanning feature of MT780 mini barcode scan engine means that it literally empowers your device with optimized barcode decode capability on either printed barcode or on-screen barcode, from high-speed scanning applications to mobile scanning devices such as mobile coupon/ticketing and logistics management. Designed to operate at low voltage and at an extremely low standby current, MT780 mini barcode scan engine conserves more battery life and extends working hours of your mobile devices with limited battery power.

barcode module

Fulfills high-value applications but reduces total cost of ownership

MT780 mini barcode scan engine provides software operation method which allows all configurations and actions by serial commands via UART interface. It is especially helpful when your system has only limited hardware resource.

Full sets of development kit MB100 demo kit and software utility BEO® are also available to assist you with the testing of MT780 mini barcode scanner on Windows PC during evaluation stage. Software customization for OEM project is also welcome as part of our service.

Built with flash memory, MT780 high performance mini barcode scanner is upgradeable in the field and allows room for future updates and new features, without the need of complete system upgrade or the trouble of shipping products back to the manufacturer.

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  • MT780 Datasheet
    Mini Barcode Scan Engine
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  • MT780 Integration Guide
     Ver 1.6
  • Ez Utility 5.03
     Scanner Configuration Utility V5.03
  • BEO 3.01
     Engine Configuration Utility V3.01
  • Serial Commands Manual
     Ver 1.3
  • MB100 Multi I/O Board Guide
     Configuration Guide Rev04
  • SM3 VCP Driver
     For MT7x0/MT1x95/MT1x97(M)/MR1xA7