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How do I change my barcode scanner reading mode?

Please scan the following barcodes for both MT1095 & MT1097 series to change the reading mode : 

How do I connect my wireless barcode scanner to a iDevice or tablet?

1. Press the trigger for 1 second to activate the scanner
2. Scan "Disconnect" from the Quick Guide
3. Scan either "BT mode - HID" or "BT mode - SPP"; the scanner will then emit 8 beeps
4. Select Wireless Scanner from your iDevice or tablet
   - If you are using BT mode - HID, then input the pincode generated from the iDevice or tablet
   - If you are using BT mode - SPP, then input the default pincode "1234", then open serial communication software with com port to properly set up. 
5. The scanner will beep twice to verify the connection. 

Unable to read some of the barcodes

Confirm the barcode symbologies are enabled, if not, use the manual to enable the symbologies.

Barcodes not being recognized

Please make sure the right symbologies are enabled.