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Scan result in beep sound but output data to the host

Confirm if the scanner is securely connected.

LED indicator and corresponding situations

Cabled Scanner:
Green/Blue LED off: Standby or No power
Green/Blue LED on for 1 second: Power up
Green/Blue LED on for 2 seconds: Good read

Wireless Scanner:
Green LED off: Bluetooth connected
Green LED keeps flashing: Bluetooth disconnected (Discoverable)
Green LED flashes twice: Successful bluetooth connection
Green LED on for 2 seconds: Good read
Red LED off: Battery in good condition
Red LED keeps flashing: Low power
Red LED on for 2 seconds: Power up
Red LED stays on: Battery is being charged

Charging Cradle:
Blue LED off: Bluetooth disconnected
Blue LED stays on: Bluetooth connected
Green LED off: (1) No scanner is being charged (2) Scanner is fully charged
Green LED keeps flashing: Scanner is being charged
Red LED off: No power supply
Red LED stays on: With power supply

How do I check the firmware version of my barcode scanner?

Please scan the following to check your device's firmware version. 

How long does it take to fully charge my wireless barcode scanner?

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the MT1097,1197 series. 
It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the MT1027 series. 

Intermittent or no response after plugging in the scanner.

Make sure scanner is securely connected, if the scanner is connected to a notebook laptop it may result in insufficient power with a symptom of lower "good read" rates.

Bracode Scanner is constantly mis-reading

Enable only the symbologies you need, eliminating the possibility for mis-reads.

No beep from device after scan

1) Confirm if the barcode scanner is securely connceted
2) Reset the barcode scanner to default

No LED response after pressing scan trigger

Please confirm if the barcode scanner is securely connected.